Stone Hunting at a Local Treasure Trove, In Her Shoes

Stone Hunting at a Local Treasure Trove, In Her Shoes

Emily is in Week 6 of the Youth Employment Program.  We invited her to write about her experience in helping out the store to identify some of the precious materials in the donations that we have received.


Gem-stone hunting at the treasure trove, that is In Her Shoes. 

Opulent onyx ...

Modish mother of pearl ...

Trendy tourmalated quartz ... 

Scintillating sterling silver settings ...

There are many surprising finds to be uncovered at In Her Shoes. As a thrift store regular, I love going on a hunt in the local shops to see what kinds of vintage pieces I can discover. I can say with certainty that at In Her Shoes, we have our fair share of them.

After dabbling in a bit of stone setting and starting a small cabochon collection of my own, I have just barely touched the surface of all that is gemstones. But after a few weeks at In Her Shoes, I have come to recognize several pieces that are one-of-a-kind sterling silver with semi precious stones. If you are looking for a stone to match or heal your energy vibes, check out the pieces below.

Purple Rutilated Quartz Bracelet with White Lava Rutilated Quartz - 

The Amplifier

Amplifies your thoughts, aids manifestation and creativity. Stimulates your spiritual creativity, helping you manifest your desires through the power of intention. 

Purple Rutilated Quartz Bracelet with White Lava Rutilated Quartz- In Her Shoes YW



Clear Quartz Lotus Charm Bracelet (silver-plated) with Black Lava Quartz -

The Master Healer

Used by shamans for a millenia to heal any condition they are needed for. The clear quartz is one of the most beneficial stones in the world because of its unique adaptability to take on and heal the energy from any situation. The lotus flower is a metaphor for life as we know it, as it is the most beautiful purest of blossoms born from the muddiest, dirtiest of waters.

Clear Quartz Lotus Charm Bracelet (silver-plated) with Black Lava Quartz - In Her Shoes YW



Mother of Pearl Bracelets with Beige Lava and Stainless Steel Lotus Charms -

The Gift of the Sea

Made from the inside of certain seashells, mother of pearl once brought wealth and riches to many seaside communities. It is extracted from the bed of the ocean and is predisposed to hold the energy of the seas. It is a gem that connects the soul to the beauty of nature. 

Mother of Pearl Bracelets with Beige Lava and Stainless Steel Lotus Charms - In Her Shoes YW


Sterling Silver Onyx Pendant

The Protector

Onyx is a semi-precious variation of chalcedony.  A popular talisman worn by soldiers of ancient times, to protect against adversaries in battles of all kinds. Also defends against negativity directed towards the wearer. Used to create many things such as cameo brooches and stone inlay work.  This pendant is made in Mexico.


Sterling Silver Onyx Pendant - In Her Shoes YW

I have researched all of these, photographed them and enjoyed writing about them. I'm looking forward to finding more wonderful treasures!


  • Sandy Goodlet

    Wow that information was wonderful and so interesting. It makes me want to drive up to the thrift store tonight in the dark and wait in front until it opens, just to place one of those bracelets on my wrist. I will be there soon maybe?

  • Sherry

    Wow, the jewelry and the stories about the stones are really awesome!
    I will come to check out the treasures at “In Her Shoes”.

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