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YW's Integrated Holistic Career Services (IHCS)

Finding strength in the face of difficultly takes courage and ambition. We see the potential in people and support women and gender-diverse people to build their future with skills building through employment and entrepreneurial training.

We provide coaching and guidance, to build self-confidence and increase capacity to manage one's career. Our programs help local women and gender diverse people find their next opportunity and remove barriers to economic security.


IHCS Youth is an employment preparation program for young people between the ages of 15-30 who are experiencing barriers to maintaining or securing employment. Participants receive training and paid work experience in our bricks & clicks social enterprise store, YW Thrift Boutique, where we sell gently-loved accessories, clothing, books, and home decor. Participants will earn minimum wage, equivalent to 30 hours/week for hours attended. 

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Canadian Career Pathways for Newcomer Women provides opportunities to learn career building skills such as entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and digital marketing for people who have not received Canadian Citizenship yet. Our program supports participants in experiential retail training helping them gain the skills they need to secure employment in a changing economy or explore and develop their own small business ideas.

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Uplift is a fully-funded post-secondary certification program for employment-ready individuals to advance their technology skills for immediate employment in specialized technological roles. After graduation participants will be supported in applying these skills and making meaningful contributions to the local workforce. 

This online program is delivered in partnership with McMaster Continuing EducationTellent, and in collaboration of YWCAs across Ontario.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn a Certificate Of Professional Learning of Data Analytics, complete the Propeller Experience program and receive wrap-around career support from industry professionals for long-term success.  It will ​enhance the quality of candidates in our local talent pool and fill in-demand roles within our region.

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WatSPEED's career accelerator programs equip you with the knowledge and experience needed to achieve a new job or promotion in our disruptive workforce. Programs include a blend of technical and professional training, industry engagement and career coaching to enhance your job prospects in high-demand fields.

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Warriors. Aspiring to end. Gender Based Violence for. Equity and. Security, a cross-functional program to support tenants of Kitchener-Waterloo's supportive housing and emergency shelter in shaping their future with skills building through life skills, employment, and entrepreneurial exploration.  

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YW’s In Her Shoes Employment and Entrepreneurship Program (IHS) is now Integrated Holistic Career Services (IHCS).  We remain committed to supporting women (cis and trans), and gender diverse people to achieve financial independence by developing career management skills.

Thank you to all of our funding agencies and public supporters who have allowed this growth to continue!