Uplift - Reskilling in Data Analytics

Uplift - Reskilling in Data Analytics is a fully-funded post-secondary certification program for employment-ready women and gender-diverse individuals who are ready to upgrade their technology skills to secure immediate employment in roles which require specialized technological expertise.

After graduation participants will be supported in applying these skills and making meaningful contributions to the local workforce. 

Uplift is for job seekers and career shifters who are curious and have an interest in understanding business problems, identifying data sets and interest in analyzing the information and have work experience in business, marketing, healthcare, information systems, IT, government and/or sales.  For a successful experience, candidates need strong math skills or statistical experience, research skills acquired from work or education, and experience using Excel for standard formulas, data sorting and creating charts before starting Uplift programming.  Please contact us for learning resources if you need to re-fresh these skills as preparation for applying. 

This online program is delivered in partnership with McMaster Continuing Education, Tellent, and in collaboration of YWCAs across Ontario.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn a Certificate Of Professional Learning of Data Analytics, complete the Propeller Experience program and receive wrap-around career support from industry professionals for long-term success.  It will ​enhance the quality of candidates in our local talent pool and fill in-demand roles within our region.

When women and gender-diverse people are trained for high-demand jobs, their employment opportunities expand, and that is good for the entire economy:  

Employers need access to specific skills in their talent pipeline along with an increase in diversity hiring

Job seekers can upskill​/ reskill their knowledge and acquire relevant technical skills to increase competencies needed to adapt to the Future of Work

The result is that job seekers can contribute to a stronger, dynamic innovation ecosystem, while providing employers the talent needed to grow their organizations while adapting to the Future of Work.

Learn more about the specialized technology skills component with this slide show from McMaster:

To support participants as they transition into higher value paid work in our new economy, we've partnered with the Tellent team and their Propeller Experience Program to enhance learners with peer supported learning, professional network development, mentorship and job preparation resources. Creating a robust learning experience for participants to help increase their competitive advantage and be successful in the Future of Work is the outcome of our UPLIFT Reskilling Experience. 

Learn more about the professional skill development component delivered by Tellent's Propeller Experience:


Uplift Program Details:

The program will be delivered online and is designed for a part time commitment, requiring 9 - 14 hours per week of time for learning activities including online synchronous / asynchronous activities, online postings and discussion groups, assignments, readings and other coursework. In addition to the academic activities, the In Her Shoes YW provides individual and group support to learners to enhance your learning journey, professional development opportunities and career and educational coaching. 

Pre and post McMaster Programming:   Professional competency workshops, peer to peer discussions/support, mentorship and career coaching will be provided through a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Cohorts commence each semester from fall 2023, course completion by June 2024.

McMaster Data Analytics component of Uplift:   Combination of synchronous and asynchronous delivery of Data Analytics program from McMaster’s continuing education department.  Participants may attend live online synchronous sessions.Access to additional support from the training institute is available to be coordinated with the individual learners.

Program Duration: Each cohort runs part-time for approximately 18 months at a time (3 data analytics courses total, 1/semester)

Program Location: Online delivery in a combination synchronous / asynchronous method.

Hours/Week: Between 9 - 14 hours per week depending upon your level of interaction with your mentor, peers, coaching team and level of comprehension on learning material/ additional supports required.

Program Outcomes and Delivery:

This program will use a hybrid of synchronous interactive learning that happens in real time with a facilitator or educator and asynchronous learning through independent instruction through prepared resources, without real-time teacher-led interaction.  The professional competencies instructors, data analytics instructors and YWKW career coaches are all available throughout the program for 1:1 or group discussions, resources and assistance.  

Fees for Uplift participants are covered by FedDev Ontario

Data Analytics Certificate of Professional Learning from McMaster University: 

  • Participants will be enrolled in McMaster University Continuing Education for the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Learning.  Learning will include an introduction to Data Analytics by completing the following three courses: DAT 103 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, DAT 104 Data Analysis and Visualization, OSI 101 Tradecraft and Operations.  Click here for more information about the learning outcomes of this program.  
  • McMaster Continuing Education may provide additional course supports for learners based on demand.  This will be coordinated between the Instructor and Program Manager
  • All YWKW In Her Shoes learners will be enrolled as active students with McMaster Continuing Education.  All student and academic policies will apply to each student
  • Participants may be able to utilize these three courses to independently enrol with McMaster to upgrade their certification level and access other learning opportunities within MCE including a capstone project. Click here to learn about more educational options within this program which you can pursue independently after completing the courses provided by YWKW

Professional competency workshops will be provided by industry professionals in the areas of: 

  • Communication, self- advocacy, leadership, mindset, and creativity
  • Participants will be enrolled in an Uplift-customized Propeller Experience.  Click here for more information about Tellent and their programming. 

Career supports will be provided by Career Development Practitioners throughout the project to equip participants with the skills needed to navigate their new employment settings, their career shift and overall career success such as: 

  • Independent career management including goal setting, action planning, identifying opportunities and understanding the labour market while navigating traditionally male-dominated workplaces
  • Building a job marketing campaign including development of effective marketing materials, personal branding and successful interviewing
  • Mentorship from industry professionals 

Session Dates:

September 2023

Winter 2023


  • Women (cisgender or transgender) and gender diverse individuals
  • Post secondary education: Bachelor’s degree, diploma or relevant experience
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Canadian Language Benchmark levels 7-8
  • Able to commit to the time required to successfully achieve the learning outcomes
  • May be currently laid off, furloughed, unemployed or working full time or part time in underemployed or precarious positions
  • Ready to upgrade your technology skills to secure immediate employment in roles which require specialized technological expertise 
  • Access to a computer system that is capable of running a remote desktop video conferencing (WebEx, Zoom, Teams) and a good internet connection (10+ Mbps download 1.5+ Mbps upload).  Preferably with a broadband wired or wireless 3G or 4G/LTE internet connection to support at least two devices simultaneous streaming or video conferencing .
    • If quality computer access is a barrier for you please include this in your application, accommodations may be available. 


To apply for the program:

1:  Please review the Data Analytics Powerpoint from McMaster University. If you're interested in attending the Free Virtual Open House hosted by McMaster, please register by clicking here
2: Submit the Expression Of Interest form by clicking HERE.
3. Based on funding criteria and program availability, an invitation for an interview virtually with the program coordinator will be extended to eligible candidates

Candidates selected for the program will submit acknowledgement and completion of confidentiality requirements, application form, consent and program expectation documents.


Offer of acceptance into the program.


Participant registration with Learning Partner and complete the necessary documentation for the training institute. 

Please check your email regularly for our follow up contact to invite you to participate in the next step of the application process.
What is Rapid Reskilling and why do we need it for the "She-recovery"?

According to World Economic Forum, "More than 1 billion jobs, almost one-third of all jobs worldwide, are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade... we need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030".  Additionally, "by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change."

This initiative was created to address the local labour market shortage in advanced manufacturing and specialized technology as well as address the effect that the pandemic had on the careers of women and gender diverse people. Employers do not have access to the skilled talent they need to scale and grow their companies, job seekers are experiencing significant competitiveness in securing employment. 

 "We know that before the pandemic, women in Waterloo Region were more likely to be found working precariously in part-time and low-wage jobs, doing care work and that they represented a large number of the employees in some of the sectors hardest hit by the result of lockdowns." (Feminist Shift)    

By investing in our existing workforce and engaging those who have been caretaking by providing them with skills that employers are seeking, we can enhance a robust economy. 


Labour Market Information: 
What can I do with Data Analyst training at work? Information on Database Analysts and Data Administrators per Stats Canada
What is the labour market information for Data Analysts? Job Bank Market Report

For more information, please contact:

Tanja Gancevich, Uplift - Reskilling In Specialized Technology

Funding for this project is provided by Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario in partnership with YWCA Hamilton and YWCAs across South and Eastern Ontario.