Wildflower Seed Kit

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Item Description:
  • Wildflower seed paper planting kit containing a dirt pot and seed paper packaging
  • Seeds in the paper include Black-eyed Susan, Alyssum, Snapdragon, Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, and Catchfly, which are all non-invasive flowers
  • Pot is made of compressed nutrients and water-saving polymers and is biodegradable, so it is eco-friendly!
  • Designed and created by our youth participants!


  1. Expand the Wonder Soil wafer (the pot) by adding water.
  2. Stir the soil a bit as the soil expands to fit the pot.
  3. Tear off a portion of this seed paper to plant in this pot and plan the rest in a garden or other pots.
  4. Place the seed paper under ⅛” of soil and keep it moist in a sunny spot to grow wildflowers!

As the plants grow bigger, you can plant the whole pot outside. The pot itself is biodegradable so no waste will be left behind!


  • Diameter of the top of the pot: 9cm
  • Diameter of the bottom of the pot: 6cm
  • Height of the pot: 9cm
  • Weight: 67g


  • Product Quality Rating- 10/10
  • New

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