Heffner Women's Leadership event - 60 in 60: Women in Business Event Review

The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce's "Heffner Women's Leadership event - 60 in 60: Women in Business" was such a great event that I thought it may be a great resource for our team and beyond! 
Scroll down for the replay of this marvellous 1 hour presentation celebrating our local leaders.
I attended this event to learn about local women entrepreneurs and the lessons learned in their career trajectories. Everyone has leadership qualities, learning to trust yourself and embrace the challenges you face is what I was hoping to learn.
My key take aways.... 
  • Learn, Lean In, get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Be respectful and be respected
  • Ask for help, advice, feedback
  • Embrace your humanness
  • What are my systems/freedom? duplicate this in various aspects of your life for efficiencies!
  • Be the same person; at home, at work, in public and with ourselves
  • Allow your head & heart to have a conversation with each other before you make a decision
  • Focus on people and relationships in everything you do
  • reflect regularly & honestly, then adjust (acknowledge and own mistakes because that's where growth happens)
  • If you're invited to the table, it's for a reason. People care about your idea's. Be ready to contribute!
  • Flexibility is the best Ability
  • Stop Apologizing and say Thank You instead
  • Know yourself, Be yourself, Look after yourself.
  • and so many more!!!!


I highly recommend you check out the replay on YouTube

The Career Advice Word Cloud that was available to contribute to during the event asked the question “What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career?” Below is the result that was emailed to attendees!

Thank you Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce for celebrating women leaders in our community!

- Tanja Gancevich, Uplift Reskilling Project


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