My Experience So Far

My Experience So Far

Vanessa is in Week 5 of the Youth Employment Program.  We invited her to write about her experience in the program.

Guest blogger: Vanessa from the In Her Shoes Youth Program

In Her Shoes at the YW Kitchener-Waterloo, is a program for young women to learn a lot about themselves as individuals, and also learn tips and tricks that will help them in the workforce.  This is a program for young women who may be struggling to find employment or struggling to maintain employment. The In Her Shoes program will help provide us with the key essentials to be successful. This is done through workshops, personal stability, experience and also workplace tips.


The program offers a wide range of workshops that encourage development and growth. Every workshop provides us with a chance to work out a plan that will best work for each of us. I have learned valuable information from each workshop. The workshops will help not only for the workplace but also in my personal life. The purpose of the different workshops is to teach all the knowledge I will need to be successful. It will be up to me how I choose to apply the information learned.

The program also provides us, the young women, with the chance to feel confident in ourselves, feel empowered and truly feel like we are in control of our own lives. The program has already been teaching us with how to build healthy relationships between co-workers, management and other people who we will come into contact with in our life.

“Women supporting women” is a great way that I like to think of the program. We are all here for the same thing. We all have the same end goal which we are trying to reach. Building relationships is a key part of the  program.

Workplace experience is another aspect of the program. Being a participant, I get a chance to work in the store. Working in the store provides me with an opportunity to learn how to use a cash register and how to ring through a customer's purchase.  It has also provided me with the ability to build relationships with customers. I also get to do photographs for the website for the online store.

Overall, the In Her Shoes program is an impeccable program that will teach us, young women, the key fundamentals of becoming successful through workshops, personal stability and workplace tips. There are so many great features to the program and I encourage all of you to check out our website at

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